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Easily Mounts Anywhere On Your Dash!

DashIT keeps you and others safe while navigating on the road by mounting your smartphone (or other GPS device) on the dashboard so you can see it while driving. It's easier than anything else on the market, it just cradles your phone with no suction cup or sticky adhesive. It's for anyone with a car and a phone, so anyone from the soccer mom, road warrior and gadget guy can use it to be a safer driver on the road.

DashIT is made from TPE material that is UV resistant and stable at the extreme temperatures necessary for the demanding conditions of a car dashboard. The material is “tacky” to allow DashIT to easily and temporarily adhere to most Dashboards and to most phones and other GPS devices, leaving no residue in the car or on the phone, so you can DashIT … and go!



Safe, Easy, Universal

• Almost 1/3 of US traffic accidents are caused by people using cell phones*
• Handsfree laws are in place in 39 US states
• Half of all US states have restrictions against attaching things to your windshield
• There are 240 million cars on the road in the US and 106 million smartphones (and over 1 billion smart phones worldwide)
• Navigation is migrating to smartphone GPS apps, but phones don’t yet come with a vehicle mount
• Finding no good solution on the market, DashIT was born.



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